Car Information

Car ID 265
Series Sprint
Variant DHC
Model Sprint|DHC|45
Year 1971
Type 45
Chassis 7101020129
Color red monochrome
Engine G/24300
Purchased 2006-02-15
Comments Restored in 2002 by Rich Kamp, Kampena Motors,CA. Forged crank/rods/pistons, Webers. Close ratio box, 3.77 LSD, CV halfshafts. Minilites, Yokohamas. Body/paint by Bob Groat. New gray leather interior including Prestige dash. Stayfast cloth top. Alternator, wide radiator, gear reduction starter, alloy fuel tank, etc.
Owner ID 402
First name Carl
City Mendham
State New Jersey
Country United States
Created 2009-10-11 10:21:53
Modified 2021-04-11 14:20:01

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